Tibetan Terriers (also known as TT’s) are not really terriers. They were bred in Tibet as companion dogs and brought to the west through India by the British. Their long double coats and large flat feet are particularly suited to surviving the harsh conditions in the Tibetan plateaus and mountains. These “little people” are generally intelligent, cheerful, bouncy dogs whose antics amuse their owners and friends. At Serbu Tibetan Terriers I strive to breed the well-balanced Tibetan. One that cannot only compete in the breed ring but can run agility, do obedience, and curl up and snuggle with their owners.

My name is Jami Smith. I am located in Sacramento, CA.  I have been involved with dog training for 15 years and with Tibetan Terriers for almost 10. I started training dogs with a kennel club where I grew up in Placerville, CA, which opened doors for me to work with and train service dogs for the blind. Now I train dogs as a hobby and love to learn about advances in training, veterinary care, and canine mental enrichment. My dogs are my life and I will do everything to provide the best home for them as possible. My house is maintained for their comfort.

All my Tibetan Terriers live in my home, are treated as part of the family, and puppies are raised in the bedroom for the first few weeks. At a few weeks of age the pups move to the dining room, giving them more room to play and allowing house training to begin.

I enjoy working with rescues, helping them to smoothly transition to their forever home. Any rescue I place, no matter the breed, is treated with the same respect as any Tibetan Terrier I have bred which means, if you need help with the dog, all you have to do is make contact with me. If you cannot keep the dog for any reason in the future, it can and should be returned to me. The dog is also welcome to stay in my home should you need to travel for business or pleasure.

Some of the activities I enjoy participating with my dogs include Conformation, Agility, Obedience, and Rally. Each dog is introduced to sports they may show an affinity for and we continue if they show an interest and drive to do so. I also enjoy their company, just hanging out, taking short hikes, and trying new things with them.

Jami Smith



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Jami,
    I just heard that you may have some beautiful TT’s available-and I’m seriously thinking of getting Titus a little brother or sister:) let me know if this is an option. cheers
    Mary Moylan

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