C-ATCH Serbu’s Indecent Exposure NA, OAJ, RN, NJC, NAC, TN-N


Guilty is one of a kind.  Guilty is smart, driven, and has springs in his feet. Guilty stole my heart at a young age.  Look for more news in upcoming years with this boy.  He is a not a perfect dog in the eyes of many breeders because his coat is considered a semi smooth but all that means to me is more play less grooming. I choose to not hide him but to educate.  If you would like more information on his coat fault please contact me. Guilty has accomplished a lot in his first few years of agility including 1 championship. WTG little Buddy.

Guilty followed in Dharma’s foot steps and earned his Rally Novice in 3 clean runs adding Novice (RN) title to his achievements.

Guilty is having fun working on his agility titles and in no time with be at the same levels as Dharma. It did not take long to be in the same classes as Dharma and now we frequently have the battle for the faster dog.

Guilty has recently taken up lure coursing. Thanks to AKC creating the coursing ability tests now all breeds including mix breeds are being encouraged to participate. Guilty has passed his first 2 tests so with one more qualifying score he will earn a CA title. Guilty had to put Lure coursing on hold but some day we will get back out there.


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