Breeding planned due late Summer of 2015 more details will be posted at bottom of page as things get closer to due date

Making the decision to breed a dog (male or female) should not be made lightly. This decision should be well thought out, planned, and necessary. By necessary, do the dogs being considered offer benefit to the breed as a whole? With pet overpopulation problems worldwide, the decision to add puppies comes with significant responsibility. A responsible breed candidate should have an owner that is willing to take responsibility for every puppy out of every litter for the duration of its life. Responsibility means financial, physical, and otherwise.

Every litter will produce pet quality puppies. While these pups may be structurally sound, there are other considerations such as temperament, drive, and attitude. I do not bred a litter often, averaging one every year or two in an effort to reduce the number of puppies that could add to the existing overpopulation problems.

Those taking part in irresponsible breeding programs frequently make comments such as, “I just love the breed and want everyone to have them.” They also often profess their lines being AKC registered. Love and registration do not a responsible breeder make. Quality breeders also love the breed and enjoy sharing them with the world. However, these breeders do more to make sure their dogs are worthy of breeding.

Breeders should only breed the best. Parents and grandparents should all be champions or performance titled; if they do not, I suggest you ask why. (E.g. If they cannot get a conformation championship due to an injury, there are other titling events.) Good breeders can help you find a rescue dog, should you desire. A responsible breeder will not sell pups that deviate from breed standard as rare. Rare is a marketing term used for years by those not seeking to improve the breed. Rare usually refers to dogs that do not fit the breed standard and usually is in regard to the color. Another flag for irresponsible breeding practices is the breeding of two different breeds and selling the offspring as a new breed. These are often referred to as designer dogs (E.g. Schnoodles, Golden Doodles, Peekacho, etc). A good breeder is aware of the temperaments in their adults and puppies and will be able to tell you why the puppy they want to place in your home is best suited to you. If a breeder lets you pick you could be picking a pup that you think is calm really is not because it is a day they are growing, teething, etc.  A good breeder should also be someone you like since you should be in communication for the life of your new companion.

Breeding should not be as simple as pairing two dogs. Years of effort should go into selecting the right pair to complement each other, enhancing strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Health testing, temperament testing, socialization, and assessment in the show ring are also important and essential contributors toward breed prospects. Achieving an AKC championship indicates a dog or bitch has been thoroughly reviewed by multiple judges against other examples of the breed and using the breed standard as a measuring tool. Contrary to popular belief, breeding is not a source of income but a labor of love and effort by those who wish to improve the breed. Do your homework, take your time, and find the right breed and breeder before adding a companion to your family. After all, he or she will likely be with you for at least a decade. The fit should be like he or she was born to be with you.

Current litter in the making is between Zazzle and Sargas (Ch Alpenglow Altair Sargas RN) This litter is due later summer 2015


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