Linex- Ch Sunclipse Line to Shine RE, NA, NAJ

Pippin- Ch SunClipse Lord of the Rings RN

Keon- Ch Cavu’s Slam Dunk RN

Julie- Ch Cavu’s Jewelia RN

Charm- CH Serbu’s Cavu Cheering Charm RN

Fannie- Ch Serbu’s Cavu Fandango

Tango- Ch Serbu’s Cavu Exotic Rhythm MX, MXJ, OF

Danny- Ch Serbu’s a Hairy Situation at KC

Dharma- C-ATCH CH Serbu Cavu Livin it Up RE, CD, OA, AXJ, AXP, AJP, NF, ROM

Willie- Ch Serbu Cavu Prince Charming

Bounce- Ch At Last Farms Ani Mo Mo

Bhutan-Ch Serbu’s Livin Thunder Dragon

Zazzle- Bronze GCh Ch Serbu’s Livin Bedazzled

Rory-GCh Ch Serbu’s Livin a Fairy Tale Cl1-F

Guilty- C-ATCH Serbu’s Indecent Exposure RN, NA, OAJ


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