8/19/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

Today’s challenge is target work. You can use a target plate or if you have a Manners Minder you can use that.

Beginners your goal is to get your furry friend to realize that when you say target there is a reward on the target.

Advanced you goal is to see how far you can get away from the target and still have them consistently go to the target when told to.

Dharma- Distance work is something Dharma and I have struggled with, even in my own yard, she was able to consistently go to the Manners Minder from about 10 feet.Her daddy, Pippin, will run from one end of the yard to steal her cookie from the target so hopefully one day Dharma will get there.

Kizzie- While she did make progress in learning the target she is still pretty distracted by the world so we only got about 2 minutes in before she lost interest and went back to bouncing around the yard.


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