8/21/10 5 Min Training Challenge

Today’s challenge is more you then the dog, motivation. Today’s your 5 minute challenge is to put your usual motivators away and try to find something new and different to get your dog to do any of its normal tricks.

For Dharma this was hard because I frequently use toys, treats, verbal praise, and just interaction (high fives and scratches) but I ended up using the other dogs.  I was practicing stays with Dharma and after the desired time limit I would release her and get all the dogs incited in to a game of tag, then would have Dharma stay and then repeated the reward.

Kizzie really like the cookies but since I was trying to do something different I practiced sitting with Kizzie and then would reward her by sending her through the agility tunnel.  It seemed to work pretty well.

Now it is your turn to find something new to motivate your dog in training.

Good Luck and Have Fun.



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