Once again I have slacked on updating the site

Dharma is still up to being my best bud and in the process adding a few more agility titles to her name. WTG D 🙂

Guilty is proving that what he lacks in coat he will more then make up with in agility. He is picking things up quick. I am having a hard time not pushing him since he still has 6 months before he old enough to compete. Watch out world he is well on his way.

Kizz- She is finally getting the hang of the harder equipment of agiliy so I suspect it will not be much longer and she will be out earning a name for herself besides the TT that wants to be a lowchen (she is so happy with her nakie lowchen butt haircut)

Pip- Still is surprising us with not growing the tumors that multiple doctors said he should have by now.

And our newest Resident who does not have a page yet is Bounce who is a 3.5 yr old bitch that Amy Soderman let come to live here. She is awesome in the breed ring earning a few points and a couple of wins over specials in just a few shows. Even though I want to do agility with her for now she will be hanging in the breed ring since she is silly about the idea of working for her cookies. She is a princess and wants staff. I love having her here and can’t thank Amy enough for letting silly girl Bounce to come here.


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