8/15/2010 5 minute Training Challenge

Today’s 5 minute training challenge is agility related(so to those that do not have a tunnel)

Distance Tunnel work

Beginner-Since you may or may not have done the tunnel before my challenge for you is to get your dog running through the tunnel as fast as possible, with only one command.

Advanced. Try to see how far away from the tunnel you can be and send your dog through the tunnel. Start up close and condition them to go through to a fun reward as you slowly step back.

Well, I will be honest I worked all my dogs at the same time on this do to the heat and a headache, but Dharma and Kizzie both got comfortable for the tunnel at 6 feet away. Pippin and Keon and friend Pallo also all had fun running through the tunnels and pretty much the reward at the end for each of them was to chase each other around yard.



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