Lots of Changes

Puppies are growing up and leaving for there new homes. There is still one puppy available if you know of someone looking for a new addition to there home. Would make a great obedience or agility candidate.  Dharma is still working on getting her CD title in obedience while the long recovery from her agility injury is still happening. Dharma was recently released to increase some activity so she has started her flyball training. We are going to do a agility trial in the first part of Dec to evaluate her muscle tone and the will hopefully be able to start working at getting those Double Qs and Mach Points soon. Kizzie is healed and starting to learn agility and a little flyball. Trying to sit down and figure out next years goals and plans for the TTs so hopefully more updates soon to come.

Once I graduate (in about 3 weeks) I will be hoping to start back up the 5 minute training challenge blog.


8/23/10 5 minute Training Challenge

Couch Potato Monday.

Today’s training challenge was created to help out a grooming client that hated to be groomed. Today while hanging out on the couch spread out your grooming tools around  where you are sitting and see if you can get your dog to do something fun with them or near them.

Kizzie, who is not fond of grooming time was really thinking I was going to trick her so nothing occurred during her first 5 minute but during Dharma’s 5 minutes she decided the clicker game of nose touching the tools was great. By the end of Dharma’s 5 minutes both girls were nose flinging tools around the floor.

Good Luck and Have Fun


8/20/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

Today’s 5 minute challenge comes from Maria and Champ in Norway. The Speed Sit.

For all levels see how many sits you can in 10 30-second periods. The goal is to get your dog in and out of a sit as fast as possible.

I broke the 30 second periods up by doing 2 sessions each in between morning chores.

Dharma had a lot of fun with this, getting an average of 19 sits per session.

Kizzie is still very slow at sitting and started with 2 sits per session but did increase to about 7 sits per session by the end.

Good Luck, Have fun, and thanks Maria and Champ for this fun training challenge.


8/19/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

Today’s challenge is target work. You can use a target plate or if you have a Manners Minder you can use that.

Beginners your goal is to get your furry friend to realize that when you say target there is a reward on the target.

Advanced you goal is to see how far you can get away from the target and still have them consistently go to the target when told to.

Dharma- Distance work is something Dharma and I have struggled with, even in my own yard, she was able to consistently go to the Manners Minder from about 10 feet.Her daddy, Pippin, will run from one end of the yard to steal her cookie from the target so hopefully one day Dharma will get there.

Kizzie- While she did make progress in learning the target she is still pretty distracted by the world so we only got about 2 minutes in before she lost interest and went back to bouncing around the yard.

8/18/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

Heeling. You need to decide first if you want your dog in a formal heel or is walking a foot or two away okay for you. After this decision is made pick your level and enjoy the challenge.

Beginner-in a secured area try to get your dog to be in the desired position without using a leash to pull your dog into position.  Tip holding cookies or a toy and after a couple of steps rewarding them for being in position will help teach them that close/ heel is a desired position.

Advanced- Try to get your dog to Heel over or near a favorite item without them leaving position.

Dharma- Worked very well today. She was heeling nicely with frequent turns right past the entrance to the agility tunnel.

Kizzie-The back yard is still very distracting for her, so I had her dragging her leash while we did one step cookie, one step cookie. She made it all 5 minutes without bounding off with the distractions of life.

Good Luck and have fun.


“To Busy Tuesday” Another 5 Minute Training Challenge

Before today’s challenge, I wanted to give hints on training when you think you are to busy.

1) Prepare small cut up treats a couple times a month so you always have a reward if your pup needs food rewards. Also toys and attention can be rewards.

2) Be observant, there are lots of times you are interacting with your dog that can include training with no lose of time. Example 1, when you are on your daily walk ask  your 4 legged friend to sit and or down in multiple places along the walk, including as you are stepping out the door. Example 2, when walking through your house and the dog(s) are following you, stop ask for a behavior, reward, and go back to what you got up to do,

3) When preparing a meal and it say let water boil, let simmer for _ minutes, let cool, etc. if you are not preparing something else, you can practice teaching your dog to stay at the door way, edge of cabinet, etc so that they can eventually learn to be out of harms way.

More tips in the future about creating time when you do not think you have any.

Today’s Challenge

Is to get your dog to offer behaviors. If you have a clicker trained dog this will be easier, but if you do not it is still possible.

For both Beginner and Advanced pull out a single step stepping stool or something similar in size and reward any behavior you get with this object. You will be surprised the differences you get if you have multiple dogs.

Dharma-wanted to use it like she does for physical therapy and was offering her sit pretty.

Kizzie- idea of interaction was to stick her head under the edge and flip it.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Enjoy your 4 legged friends


8/16/2010 5 minute Training Challenge

Welcome to what I call “Couch Potato Mondays”.

Today I am challenging all levels to see what you can do in 5 minutes or 2-3 commercial breaks on the TV, from your favorite seat in the house.

Dharma performed sit and down from close to the couch as well as across the room, high 5, fetch, and sit pretty.

Kizzie performed a couple of sits, couple of watch me, and then spent the rest of the time bouncing.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and remember training does not take long periods of time to see progress.