8/18/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

Heeling. You need to decide first if you want your dog in a formal heel or is walking a foot or two away okay for you. After this decision is made pick your level and enjoy the challenge.

Beginner-in a secured area try to get your dog to be in the desired position without using a leash to pull your dog into position.  Tip holding cookies or a toy and after a couple of steps rewarding them for being in position will help teach them that close/ heel is a desired position.

Advanced- Try to get your dog to Heel over or near a favorite item without them leaving position.

Dharma- Worked very well today. She was heeling nicely with frequent turns right past the entrance to the agility tunnel.

Kizzie-The back yard is still very distracting for her, so I had her dragging her leash while we did one step cookie, one step cookie. She made it all 5 minutes without bounding off with the distractions of life.

Good Luck and have fun.



2 thoughts on “8/18/10 5 Minute Training Challenge

  1. Charley- He worked the advanced very well. 🙂

    Choski- well she needs a little more work, we worked the beginner with her and cookies = perfect show stack.

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