8/14/2010 5 min Training Challenge

Today’s 5 minute training challenge is leave it.


The dog must stay away from the treat in your hand for 5 seconds. There can only be voice cue which should be given before the hand is presented. If the dog try’s to take the treat close hand and move it behind your back. Then try again.


See if you can set either treats and/or toys near or on your dog and have them not touch it.

Dharma – Will ignore the food in my hand and on the ground but if it touches her it is hers.

Kizzie- Got distracted and well the bird flying in the sky was much more entertaining…I guess less distractions needed.

Good Luck and post your results.



Today is Serbu’s First 5 Minute Training Challenge

The goal of training challenges is to get you to try something new or more challenging than you have done before.

Watch Me

Beginning Level spend 5 minutes getting your dog to focus on you

Step 1: Prepare a high value treat- something soft and smelly usually works best!

Step 2: Move the treat upwards away from your dog toward your body up to your face.

Step 3: When your dog makes eye contact with you – immediately praise and give her the treat. As soon as she understands the connection between the eye contact and the reward you can start adding the command “Watch Me” into the exercise.

Advanced Level If your dog knows watch me, then your goal is to try turning away from your dog and giving the command and see if they reposition themselves so they are making eye contact.

Dharma did this TT style and started of by just glaring at my back till she realized others got “her” cookies but after 2-3 minutes was moving to heel position and watching me.

Kizzie spent the whole 5 minutes trying to bounce around, but if you met Kizzie you would know that this is Kizzie’s only reliable behavior.