Dharma Babies

There are 2 Black and White Males, 2 Sable and White Males, 1 Sable and White Female, 1 Red and White Female, and 1 Black and White Female. They were born 1/6/2012 just after midnight via c-section. Momma and babies are all doing great.

Puppies are now 5 days old

All the pups are doing great. The first hitch hiker happened today but momma was good and put him back.

Pups are weighing in at

White and Black Boys are 14 7/8ozĀ  and 1lb 3/4 oz

Black and White Boys are 11 7/8oz and 1lb 3/4 oz

Black and White Girls are 11 3/4 oz and 13 3/4 oz

All are gaining nicely.

I wish everyone peace and happiness.