Lots of Changes

Puppies are growing up and leaving for there new homes. There is still one puppy available if you know of someone looking for a new addition to there home. Would make a great obedience or agility candidate.  Dharma is still working on getting her CD title in obedience while the long recovery from her agility injury is still happening. Dharma was recently released to increase some activity so she has started her flyball training. We are going to do a agility trial in the first part of Dec to evaluate her muscle tone and the will hopefully be able to start working at getting those Double Qs and Mach Points soon. Kizzie is healed and starting to learn agility and a little flyball. Trying to sit down and figure out next years goals and plans for the TTs so hopefully more updates soon to come.

Once I graduate (in about 3 weeks) I will be hoping to start back up the 5 minute training challenge blog.



Pups are going to be off camera later tonight till probably Saturday. Life is taking me on a trip to Northern CA for a little while and Momma, Babies, and Dharma will be on a road trip. It will be interesting change but family needs my help.

All the pups are doing great and will soon be eating gruel. They are becoming active, at moments but soon will be running circles around us.