“To Busy Tuesday” Another 5 Minute Training Challenge

Before today’s challenge, I wanted to give hints on training when you think you are to busy.

1) Prepare small cut up treats a couple times a month so you always have a reward if your pup needs food rewards. Also toys and attention can be rewards.

2) Be observant, there are lots of times you are interacting with your dog that can include training with no lose of time. Example 1, when you are on your daily walk ask  your 4 legged friend to sit and or down in multiple places along the walk, including as you are stepping out the door. Example 2, when walking through your house and the dog(s) are following you, stop ask for a behavior, reward, and go back to what you got up to do,

3) When preparing a meal and it say let water boil, let simmer for _ minutes, let cool, etc. if you are not preparing something else, you can practice teaching your dog to stay at the door way, edge of cabinet, etc so that they can eventually learn to be out of harms way.

More tips in the future about creating time when you do not think you have any.

Today’s Challenge

Is to get your dog to offer behaviors. If you have a clicker trained dog this will be easier, but if you do not it is still possible.

For both Beginner and Advanced pull out a single step stepping stool or something similar in size and reward any behavior you get with this object. You will be surprised the differences you get if you have multiple dogs.

Dharma-wanted to use it like she does for physical therapy and was offering her sit pretty.

Kizzie- idea of interaction was to stick her head under the edge and flip it.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Enjoy your 4 legged friends



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