A few years of Review

When I started trying to review what I have done with dogs over the last year, it made me realize I had never really looked at all I have done since I got into the breed about 10 years ago.  To Date Serbu Tibetans between dogs that have been brought in as well as born to Serbu has achieved:

11 Championships including

1 BBE champion

5 other champions born to Serbu.

52 Performance Titles including

26 AKC of which 18 are on TTs born to Serbu

26 CPE of which all are on TTs born to Serbu

I feel motivated to continue to try to produce the well balanced TT.


We are moving :)

Even though life is crazy with Dharma getting ready to have puppies, we are moving to the Sacramento Valley. Dharma is already settling in to the home we will be staying at during her whelp and hopefully through the puppy raising months. More details to come later.

Puppies coming

Dharma has been bred and is due early January 2012. More details to come but if you are interested in a puppy from Dharma please send me an email. I also have one 5 year old female available that was returned to me when the owners could no longer keep her.


Once again I have slacked on updating the site

Dharma is still up to being my best bud and in the process adding a few more agility titles to her name. WTG D 🙂

Guilty is proving that what he lacks in coat he will more then make up with in agility. He is picking things up quick. I am having a hard time not pushing him since he still has 6 months before he old enough to compete. Watch out world he is well on his way.

Kizz- She is finally getting the hang of the harder equipment of agiliy so I suspect it will not be much longer and she will be out earning a name for herself besides the TT that wants to be a lowchen (she is so happy with her nakie lowchen butt haircut)

Pip- Still is surprising us with not growing the tumors that multiple doctors said he should have by now.

And our newest Resident who does not have a page yet is Bounce who is a 3.5 yr old bitch that Amy Soderman let come to live here. She is awesome in the breed ring earning a few points and a couple of wins over specials in just a few shows. Even though I want to do agility with her for now she will be hanging in the breed ring since she is silly about the idea of working for her cookies. She is a princess and wants staff. I love having her here and can’t thank Amy enough for letting silly girl Bounce to come here.

8/21/10 5 Min Training Challenge

Today’s challenge is more you then the dog, motivation. Today’s your 5 minute challenge is to put your usual motivators away and try to find something new and different to get your dog to do any of its normal tricks.

For Dharma this was hard because I frequently use toys, treats, verbal praise, and just interaction (high fives and scratches) but I ended up using the other dogs.  I was practicing stays with Dharma and after the desired time limit I would release her and get all the dogs incited in to a game of tag, then would have Dharma stay and then repeated the reward.

Kizzie really like the cookies but since I was trying to do something different I practiced sitting with Kizzie and then would reward her by sending her through the agility tunnel.  It seemed to work pretty well.

Now it is your turn to find something new to motivate your dog in training.

Good Luck and Have Fun.



All pups are over a pound finally. Two of the pups have started to open their eyes.

Little girl with the eye thing is one that has open a eye and it was the eye we needed open so now it is easier to clean it.

Momma enjoying a nap with her babies after a bath.